Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability

AirTelligence takes its commitment to environmental sustainability seriously. Intrinsic benefits, as well as real financial savings, have led AirTelligence to embrace sound environmental stewardship in all of product and system applications we apply for the manufacturers represented.

AirTelligence Environmental Policy

AirTelligence is a regional manufacturer’s representative of HVAC related products, systems and equipment. We are dedicated to carrying out this responsibility in a manner that demonstrates true leadership in environmental management while continuing to provide the highest level of service to our customers. We will demonstrate our commitment to this policy through:

  • Energy Management Improvement and Environmental Risk Reduction – We will identify, minimize and prevent energy waste while working with clients to apply the manufacturers systems and equipment.
  • Continual Improvement – We will continue to seek out ways to improve our manufacturers products and systems in environmental performance throughout client sites through timely feedback to the manufacturers and participation in representative councils.
  • Regulatory Compliance – We will meet or exceed applicable and relevant regulatory requirements and other industry standards/guidelines to which we subscribe.

Energy Reduction

AirTelligence has implemented and maintains an Environmental Management System (EMS) that establishes a mechanism to provide the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets in our company. We review our objectives and targets on an annual basis to ensure the continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of our EMS. You can click on this link to see an example of our building metabolism.

  • A capital equipment policy to purchase energy-saving equipment and machines where feasible. AirTelligence, Inc. is actively upgrading its HVAC and lighting systems to all more efficient products and systems where feasible.
  • An aggressive capital plan to upgrade high-energy-use equipment, such as AHU’s, lighting and office to equipment requiring less energy.
  • The conversion of office and plant lighting to environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient T8 and/or T5 fluorescent systems.
  • Installing motion-activated on/off electric switches (i.e. occupancy sensors) in offices and conference rooms, and mandating warehouse space temperature be set to a minimum of 78 degrees on A/C thermostats.
  • Installed 10kW active solar system to help reduce CO2 emissions and energy usage.